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Most shows can be classified into these following 4 categories


Stage Show

When we say stage we mean a type of show where the performer is not necessary on an actual stage.  The performer can either be on a stage or among crowd it is where entertainers get the full attention of the entire guest. The audience is either standing or sitting and watching a full choreographed act, for example, a dance act, a fire show or children’s party show.

Meet and Greet

This is where the entertainers are welcoming the guest at your event. They can either be literary greeting your guest in character or can just entertain the guest as they walk past. You can also use entertainers to point the direction to the venue showing the guest where to enter for example a mime, or living statue or fire dancers or stilts walkers. Performers can also be used to show directions from the parking lot or path leading up to venue or they can just stand on either side of your red carpet creating pre-entertainment setting the correct atmosphere for the event.


This is where the performer is moving between your guest interacting with small groups and individuals. This act works great with pre-dinner drinks to break the ice and making everyone feel welcome like a roaming magician or stilt walker. Or among the tables, it can be as an actor just before the desert is being served after the dinner filling that time gape the artist can move around the tables entertaining the guest for example; mingling belly dancers.


This is where the entertainers create more of an ambiance ‘dream’ like the atmosphere in the background for more a visual effect on an event. For example, while your guest having dinner you have an ongoing activity in the background like a light show creating beautiful visual effects.Or living furniture like a human arch or table.  Human statue is also great for this standing on podiums being the decor of your event. Fire dancers can also be used in this way creating light effects during a dinner on the outskirts of the venue or two stilts walkers or dancers dancing with each other creating floating dreamlike movement in the background like they in another world. It gives the audience sometimes a feeling like they glimpsing something magical from another time and space.

Combining the types of acts

You can also combine the type of acts, for example, the performers can start with a meet and greet and after all the guest has entered into the venue they can come inside and perform a stage act. Or you can have a stage act moving into mingling, like a belly dancer can start with her act as a stage act and then move in and among the crowd dancing around the tables. Or a background entertainer like a living statue can start on a podium and after a while come alive and start to mingle with your guests.